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It gets late early out here

This weekend we made a variety of small Ready Room features and fixes generally available.

Show Aging Requests

There’s a new inspection-level setting that allows administrators to enter the number of hours since request activation after which a request should be considered “delayed” or “late.” Setting either or both of these, will cause any active (i.e., not staged) request that is older than the set thresholds to be flagged in yellow or red by coloring the time since activation shown in the lower-left of a card.

Requests are considered ongoing until they reach the rightmost column of the inspection board. In most cases, this means the request has been released to the inspector. However, for Restricted SMEs, whose boards have only three columns, it means that the task has made it to the Ready Room Review column.

Eye Candy

A brief animation has been added to the opening and closing of most dialog windows, such as those rendered when creating or viewing a request. This eliminates the somewhat jarring effect of these windows suddenly popping into and out of view, instead making the windows fade gently in and out.

Idle Detection

If a user has not interacted with an inspection for an hour, they are automatically sent back to the home screen. To be honest, this one is more for us than for you, but given the dynamic nature of Ready Room, idle users consume resources. If a user has left Ready Room open in a long forgotten tab, it can consume resources for days or even weeks, negatively impacting other users. This feature mitigates against that.

Box Enhancement

We now present a more meaningful message to a user should the inspector delete or rename a shared folder.

Bug Fix

If a user created a request while another user had the “new request” window open, the “create” button for the second user would be disabled until the second user typed. This has been corrected.

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