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Inspection-Level Labels

Ready Room has long had the ability to apply arbitrary labels to a request or storyboard. An admin can create (edit and delete) labels, assigning each a unique name, color, and description. Then these labels, such as “Urgent” or “Regulatory” or “Potential Finding,” can be applied to requests and storyboards, viewed, and filtered on. Usefully, labels only need to be created once to be available to all inspections, that is, labels exist at the account level.

Account-level labels, however, are a mixed blessing. While it’s convenient to have globally-known tags to confer, for instance, urgency, if you needed a label that had no meaning outside of a particular inspection, such as “Site 013,” it was necessary to pollute the global pool of labels. To correct for that, the latest release of Ready Room introduces inspection-level labels.

An administrator can create labels unique to an inspection by clicking on the new “tag” icon in the upper right of the main inspection board. This will take you to a label editor that is virtually identical to the existing account-level editor, with the exception of showing labels for both this inspection and the account.

When labeling a request or storyboard, the alphabetically sorted union of the account-level and inspection-level labels are presented to the user. Hovering over a label will show which level the label is associated with.

This union implies that there are some rules regarding uniqueness of labels across inspections and accounts. These rules are as follows:

  • Uniqueness is based on text only (not color) and is case sensitive; “Urgent” is not the same as “urgent”.
  • A particular label can exist across multiple inspections.
  • You cannot create an inspection-level label that already exists at the account level.
  • You can, however, create account-level labels that are the same as an inspection-level label, though you will be warned if you do.
  • When a label exists at both levels, the one presented to the user is always the account-level label, the inspection-level label is masked.

These last two rules may bear some explaining. The intent is that if an inspection creates a generally useful label, like “Legal Hold”, you may later want to create that same label globally for use in other inspections.

Bug Fixes

It was possible for an observer who was using Chrome or Edge to change their persona by clicking on the comedy/tragedy icon of the “switch persona” button (though not on any other part). This has been corrected.

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