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Organize Your Inspections! Announcing “Programs”

We are excited to announce the implementation of Programs in Ready Room.

The Programs feature allows our customers to group inspections and share storyboards and labels across all inspections in the group.  A Program can be constructed in whatever way is most useful for the inspectee.

For example, in a small biotech undergoing GCP inspections for its first product, the team may utilize a training inspection, then conduct a mock inspection, then undergo a live inspection:  all these inspections could be gathered under the same program, since they will utilize the same storyboards and labels pertinent to the registrational studies.  In a larger organization, the pharmacovigilance function could be inspected routinely by multiple regulatory authorities:  all these inspections could be managed under a single PV program, where they could share storyboards and labels relevant to PV activities.

Program names can be edited by administrator, and inspections can also be moved from program to program.

Sharing storyboards eliminates the step of copying storyboards from one inspection to another, with the attendant hassle of having multiple copies in different places. Sharing labels eliminates the rework of recreating labels from inspection to inspection.

Storyboards can still be copied from program to program, and a storyboard can be generated as a request for any inspection in the program.

We think Programs adds versatility to Ready Room while providing a useful scaffold for organizing inspections. We hope you find it as useful as we do.

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