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Recover Requests

This week we bring you a simple but important new feature: undelete.

It’s always been possible to delete a Ready Room request, but until now there was no way to list deleted tasks or recover tasks that should never have been deleted in the first place.

With today’s release, a new button is available in the upper right hand corner of the inspection board that will take you to a screen listing all of the deleted tasks for that inspection.

Clicking on the title of a request opens the familiar task card—although nothing is editable. You can, however, still see all the data, access attached files, and review the audit history. For many users, that’s all that’s needed. But if the task needs to be restored, there’s now a recover button in the lower left hand corner, in place of the original delete button.

Restoring this request is simply a matter of clicking “Recover.” As you can see in the screenshot above, the recovered task is placed at the bottom of the “Assign” column on the inspection board, where the team can once again progress it through the workflow. No information is lost when a task is deleted and recovered, all audit history (including who deleted and recovered the task and when), formal responses, files, etc. remain available, just as if the request was never deleted in the first place.

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