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This week sees another mixed bag of small but useful features and enhancements.

Scribe Notes Search

It’s now possible to search scribe notes using ranked full text search. Full text search ignores English “stop words,” such as “a”, “his”, and “on”, and understands English stemming rules. In other words, searching for the phrase “the investigator” will ignore the article “the” and find scribe notes containing the words “investigator”, “investigate” “investigation,” and so on.

When ranking matches, exactness and proximity matter. If you search for “invesitigational plan”, scribe notes with that exact phrase will rank higher than those that contain, say, the phrase “plan to investigate”, while “plan to investigate” will rank higher than “the plan under consideration is to investigate.” In addition, matches in the note’s title will rank higher than those in the body.

By default individual words are joined with an AND. The capitalized terms OR and NOT are also supported, allowing you to search for “site OR sponsor” or “event NOT adverse.” Quoted phrases are supported for exact matches. Note that partial strings that are not stems, e.g. “inves” will never match anything, you need to supply full stems.

The search functionality is located in a new “Search” tab in the Scribe Notes widget. Searches are performed as you type or when you hit Enter. Both active and deleted scribe notes are searched, with matches displayed along with a highlighted fragment of text from around the match.

Minor Enhancements

  • It is now possible to copy a storyboard to the current inspection as well as to other inspections.
  • New task notification emails are now sent when a task is moved from the Assign column to the Fulfill column instead of immediately upon assignment.
  • Task rejection notifications are now sent when a task is moved left to the Fulfill column. Previously, rejected notifications were sent when a task was moved left to any column.
  • Generic uses of the word “Submit” have been changed to be more context specific, e.g. “Create Storyboard” and “Update User”

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the “resend invitation” button was being shown for SSO-enabled users who had already accepted their invitation.

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