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Stew it Over

Around this time last year, we brought you a salmagundi of features. On today’s menu, we are pleased to offer a gallimaufry of enhancements

Appetizer: Close an Inspection

It is now possible for administrators to close an inspection. A closed inspection cannot be altered in any way. One can still visit an inspection, click around, download files, read scribe notes, and so on, but the inspection cannot be changed. In fact, the only change you can make to a closed inspection is to open it again. When an inspection is reopened, it will behave as if it had never been closed.

When an inspection is opened or closed the effect is immediate. Any users still lingering in an open inspection when it gets closed, will see the status change and will no longer be able to edit any data. The reverse is also true.

The close/open buttons can be found on the inspection index screen, the inspection edit screen, and the inspection configuration dialog box.

First Course: Okta as SSO Identity Provider

Okta is now supported as a single sign-on (SSO) identity provider, along with Azure AD. Please refer back to the SSO announcement for details, everything there still applies to Okta.

The only visual change is that the “Login with your Corporate Credentials” button is now a drop down offering both Azure AD and Okta as identity providers (IdPs). Simply click your IdP and you’ll be able to login.

Note, we are in the process of having Ready Room added to both the Azure AD Application Gallery and the Okta Integration Network. We will notify customers when these processes are complete.

Second Course: See When a Task is Being Modified

For some time now it has been possible to see if others are viewing the same request as you. However, you couldn’t tell if those remote users were actually modifying the request. Well, now you can.

As always, when multiple team members have the same task open, the avatars of the remote users are displayed to the left of the request. With the latest release, when anyone starts editing the request data, an animated “typing” indicator will appear under their avatar. In the image above, “JL” is typing. The animation will pause when the remote user pauses and resume whey they start typing again. Adding comments and uploading files does not trigger the animation.

Desert: Inspector View Change

Finally, by popular demand, we have removed all “requested at” and “fulfilled at” dates from the inspector view.

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