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Stuck on Mute? Try These Clever Ready Room Video Briefing Features

As a consultant, I have used ALL the web conference apps. Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, RingCentral, Teams – I have been “stuck on mute” on every single one. I had never used Whereby until we selected it to integrate into Ready Room.  What a nice surprise!  In addition to just working the way it’s supposed to, our Whereby video briefings have a number of subtle but useful features.

Set before you join.  Before you join the meeting you’re presented with an option to set your camera, microphone and speakers, so you don’t spend the first few minutes of each meeting trying to switch from your computer speakers to your headset. A timesaver!

Accessible controls.  After you join the meeting, the Camera, Microphone, Share, Chat, and Leave controls are all superimposed with unambiguous icons and captions right there on your photo.  Menu items are accessible when you hover over the icon, so you don’t have to click three times to switch your microphone to your headset or leave the meeting.

Quick response emojis.  The Chat control allows participants to raise a hand, vote thumbs up or down, or applaud. (There is also something that looks like a…festive pizza?)  The emoji is superimposed over each user’s video feed, so while you’re interfacing with people you visually you can see their responses without having to divert to the chat client.

Individual volume settings. Using the menu in the corner of each person’s video feed, you can set the volume for each person individually.  So if Susie is a low talker and Sam is loud, you can set it so that each voice reaches your ear at a comfortable volume. This is an idea whose time has truly come.

Pop out. If you are viewing the briefing on a separate tab, you can pop out the video feed so you can navigate away from that tab to another browser tab or app and the video will always stay up front.

We hope our customers enjoy these features as much as we do.


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