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Ready Room News

Summer Breezes

The Ready Room engineering team has used the first half of the summer to complete a little internal housekeeping. Nevertheless, we’re back with a collection of enhancements big and small that are sure to improve your satisfaction with the system.

Major Features

Persistent Filters

Persistent Filters

It has always been possible for team members and inspectors to filter the list of visible tasks. But these filters were highly volatile, getting removed whenever a user visited a different page (or even hit return). We have changed this so that filters are automatically saved and restored when a user leaves and returns to an inspection board.

Filters are inspection specific and each inspection can have up to two filters; one for the task board and one for the inspector view. Each filter remains in effect until individually cleared. All filters will be cleared of logout.

Remote Task Viewers

It is now possible to see who else has a task open! This helps to reduce the possibility of two users changing the same data at the same time.

Two other team membershave this task open.

If a single user has a task open for viewing or editing, then everything behaves as it always has. However, when another user opens that same task, their avatar will immediately appear to the left of the original user’s view. Similarly, that remote user will see the first user’s avatar in their UI. Hovering the mouse over the avatar will display that user’s name, email address, and persona. If multiple users have the task open, their avatars will stack in alphabetical order. When a remote user closes the task their avatar will be removed.

Minor Features

  • Storyboard edits now save automatically, reducing the risk of data loss due to network or browser failure.
  • File preview now supports the webp image format.
  • It is no longer possible to assign tasks or storyboards to observers.
  • The less utilized “label assignment” section of the task editor has been moved below the comment section.

Internal Improvements

  • Over the past few months we have invested heavily in quality assurance. In particular, we have significantly enhanced our automated test suite, which gives us better assurance that we are delivering a robust solution to you, our customers.
  • We have moved email processing “out of band,” improving application performance.
  • We now actively capture select JavaScript errors and route them to our monitoring and alerting tools.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where a system administrator who was not a member of an inspection would get an error when accessing that inspection’s scribe notes.
  • Fixes an issue where the file preview modal would close if a remote user changed the state of the inspection.
  • Fixes an issue where the file management area would not initialize properly if a user had a released task open and a remote user dragged that task to a new column.
  • Fixes an issue in the restricted SME view where fast actions would not “collapse” after being submitted.

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