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Ready Room News

That’s Rich

There a just a few small but handy enhancements in today’s release. Although they were all customer requests, we’ll skip the TV/radio/Christmas metaphors this week, and get right to it.

The Formal Response Field is now Rich Text Enabled

For a while now, the description, notes, and comment fields of a request have all supported rich text (i.e. HTML, albeit a subset). The formal response field, though, was the odd man out, allowing only plain text. The reason for that was that the response needs to be shown to the inspector, both in the inspector’s view (if logged in) and in the request’s cover sheet. Unfortunately, the PDF creation library we were using didn’t support HTML. Fortunately, there was another PDF library available that did. So we swapped one for the other, completely rewrote the cover sheet code (a heavier lift that you would have imagined), and enabled rich text for the response field.

New Cover Sheet Styling

The new PDF library afforded us an opportunity to make the cover sheet a little bit more attractive, so we did. The content’s the same, but the look is slightly different.

More Typing Tips

You could be forgiven for not knowing that any of these fields supported rich text, since there was no visual clue that that was the case. So in this release, we placed a B (for “Bold”) icon next to the label of all text fields that support rich text. In addition, we placed an @ icon next to any field that supports @mentions, i.e., chat and comments.

Indicate that the Cover Sheet and Zip Archive have been Uploaded to Box

When Box integration is enabled, after uploading an “ordinary” file, Ready Room will change the icon and color the “Box Upload” link green to show that that file has been uploaded. For technical reasons (the files don’t actually exist), we didn’t do that for the cover sheet or zip archive. Well, that was pretty weak sauce, so with this release we corrected that, and now these synthetic files are annotated just like ordinary files.


  • Raw HTML was being rendered in the notes column of the inspection CSV. This has been fixed.

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