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The Hits Just Keep On Coming

Hey there, all you groovy cats and kittens! This is Doctor Audit coming at you from WRRR, 88.9* on your FM radio dial. Here at Ready Room Radio, I’ll be spinning your favorite tunes and taking your requests all night long. First up, the phones won’t stop ringing with listeners eager to hear this first track, No Delay by The Mentions.

Remove the artificial delay when sending @mention emails

When we introduced @mention support we wanted to avoid the possibility of an email storm, where a user gets mentioned so many times in short succession that their inbox becomes inundated with notifications. Instead, we implemented functionality that waits up to 10 minutes before sending, so that any additional notifications for that user can be collected into a single email.

Well, in yet another case of YAGNI, it turns out that this is not what you wanted at all. Instead, you wanted the email to be sent immediately.

With this weekend’s release, all @mention notifications are sent without delay. This change also allows Ready Room to send more meaningful notifications depending on whether the user has been mentioned in comments or in chat.

Chatting about chat, our next request goes out to Newt from Newburyport, who asked us to play the title track from that latest platter that matters, Scroll Me Back, by The Say Whats.

Scroll chat message into view when clicking on notification

Starting with this release, when you are @mentioned in chat and click on the corresponding notification, Ready Room will bring the chat panel into view, scroll to the message where you were mentioned, and pulse the message’s avatar icon five times.

This next song by The Subject Matter Experts is heading up the charts with a bullet. It comes off their new album, Orange Column, and it’s destined for number one. Here it is, the song you’ve all been waiting for, Deleted Tab by The SMEs.

Deleted requests are now in a tab

When tabbed boards were introduced, we left out one obvious tab; the Deleted Tab. Instead, we left deleted requests where they were, on a page of their own (behind the button with that confusing eye-slash icon).

In this release, we remove the separate Deleted Page and introduce the missing Deleted Tab, where you will now find all deleted requests. Like the staged tab, this is a four column board, since you can’t delete a released request and you can’t release a deleted request. In fact, you can’t do anything with a deleted request except recover it, that is, make it active again.

Deleted tasks are visually styled to be grayed out with the request’s title struck through. They will remain in the column they were in when deleted and will be returned to that same column if recovered.

Note that by default the All Tab will also show deleted tasks (though they remain uneditable). If you would rather not see deleted requests on the All Tab, you can click the “Show deleted requests” toggle to hide them. This toggle only affects the All Board and is only available when the All Tab is selected. Like other filters, it will persist across time.

And that was the latest from the SMEs! We’re gonna take a quick break to hear from our sponsors. But don’t touch that dial, we’ve got some great tunes coming up on the other side and you don’t want to miss a beat.

Ready Room is the premier GXP Inspection Readiness and Management Platform. Contact us today to find out why our customers are saying, “The back room went from a chaotic, yelling environment—like a frantic auction house—to a quiet, calm environment. Everybody LOVES Ready Room”

You’re back with the Doctor! Next up, we have a long distance dedication to Kendall of Cambridge. Kendall, I hope you’re listening, because Lee from New Jersey wants to say he thinks of you every time he hears Who What When by The Auditors.

Download Entire Audit Log as CSV

In the gap left by the now retired “deleted requests” button, you’ll find a new button that allows you to download the complete audit trail of the inspection as a CSV.

Whoa! That was one quick little ditty. Fortunately, Beverly from Danvers just called requesting last week’s number one hit, Urgent by The Labels.

Add Labels when Creating a Request

It’s now possible to add a label to a new request. At the bottom of the “New Request” dialog box, you’ll find the familiar “Click to Add Label” widget, allowing the front room host to add labels while creating the request.

That was a banging tune. It had a good beat. I could dance to it. Here’s another cracker, racing up the charts. Requested by Chelsea from Marblehead, it’s the latest from The Reviewers; Full Screen Mode.

Allow PDFs to be viewed in full-screen mode

It wasn’t always possible to comfortably view the entirety of large PDFs in the document viewer. With this release, we’ve added a full-screen icon in the upper right corner of the viewer. Note, that because the Adobe and Microsoft viewers are entirely different, the full-screen buttons are unavoidably in different locations.

And we’re back with our last request for the evening. This one goes out to Marcia from Marshfield who wants to hear Take It from The Scribes.

Automatically annotate scribe note when the scribe changes

This feature allows team members to track when the scribe changes for a scribe note. It also tracks deletions and subsequent recoveries.

Each time the scribe changes, including during creation, deletion, and recovery, a notification is appended to the bottom of the scribe note and takes the form of a “pen nib” graphic pointing at italicized text describing what happened. This text is not protected; if the scribe chooses to delete it, they can. It’s purely informational.

Well folks, this is Dr. Audit signing off. it’s been a real blast rockin’ and rollin’ with you tonight. Tune in again in a few weeks for more hip hits on your favorite station, WRRR. And don’t be shy, send us an email to request enhancements you want to see in a future release. Coming into the studio now is news editor Quincy Hull with this weeks bug list.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs were introduced only recently. Fixes were released periodically over the last two week as they were discovered, but we’re capturing them here for completeness.

  • Uploading static and dynamic files to Box was not working properly.
  • It was not possible to view a deleted task.

* If you’re in the Boston area, 88.9 is actually WERS, broadcasting from Emerson University and streaming around the world. It is simply the best radio station in the country. Give it a listen.

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