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Ready Room News

The Inspector Experience

The latest release of Ready Room returns our focus to the inspector experience.

Inspector Portal Refresh

The most visible change is a refresh of the Inspector Portal user interface. What was previously a flat list of requests that tried to cram in all inspector-visible data—including attachments, is now a simple table showing only the most immediate data. To see attachments and the complete text of long responses, simply click on the request title. This opens the request in an overlay much the same way as on the inspection board. From there, the inspector or auditor can view and download files, mark a request complete, and as we’ll see next, return the request to the inspection team.

There are a few other changes to the inspector portal worth mentioning:

  • An inspection team member can see if an inspector is currently viewing the same request that they are.
  • Team members (but not inspectors) that are viewing the inspector portal can return to the inspection board by clicking the inspection name.
  • The ability to sort requests by date requested or fulfilled has been removed. In a future release, sorting will be moved to the table column headers.

Request Clarification

It is now possible for an inspector to send a request back to the inspection team for additional clarification. When an inspector opens a request that has not been marked complete, they can provide some optional feedback and click the “Request Clarification” button on the bottom right (you can see this in the screenshot above). This immediately returns the request to the “Host Review” column of the inspection board and adds the appropriate audit tracking. Rejected requests are marked with a caution icon and any inspector feedback is presented as a comment.

Cover Sheets and Zip Archives

As can be seen in both of the above images, we have modified how cover sheets and zip archives are accessed. Previously, team members could download (or upload to Box) a request’s cover sheet and attachments via two buttons on the lower left of a released request’s window. These buttons were always a little out of place, seeing as they behaved in much the same as any uploaded file. With this weekend’s release, the cover sheet and archive files have been moved to the list of attachments. Not only does this provide the desired consistency, but it also means that the cover sheet and archive functionality are now always available, not only when a task is released. In addition, the cover sheet and zip archive are now available to the inspector. Keep in mind that these files are dynamically generated and may change from moment to moment as changes are made to the request.


  • When copying a storyboard that had inspection-level labels to another inspection, the labels were copied too. This led to storyboards containing labels that could not be removed or acted upon. This has been corrected.
  • For reasons still being explored, a subset of customers were unable to upload files to Box. We have worked around this issue while we continue to investigate the root cause.
  • It was possible to open a released request in edit mode by manually altering the URL. This has been fixed.

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