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Ready Room News

The No Longer Missing Link

It’s long been possible to link one Ready Room request to another by using the rich text editor available in the description and comment fields. This is a very powerful tool, but not everyone is comfortable copying the URL of one request, opening up another, accessing the rich text editor, and creating a link. Furthermore, these links are one-way; there’s no way of knowing of or easily visiting a request that might be linking to the one you’re viewing.

With this week’s release we address these issues with the addition of support for simple, bi-directional links among requests. Ready Room users will find a new component at the bottom of the request window—underneath labels—that allows them to easily add links to and from other requests.

Clicking on the active area at the top of the component, brings up a filterable list of all requests in the current inspection. In the image below, we are filtering on the word “site.”

To add a link, the user needs to simply click on one of the listed requests. Clicking again will remove the link. Furthermore, links are reciprocal, setting up a link from request A to request B also creates a link from B to A.

The presence of links does not affect the Ready Room workflow in any way, it is there purely for the user’s convenience, allowing them and others to know only that there is a relationship among the linked tasks. Comments and labels can be used to further explain this relationship.

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