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You can observe a lot just by watching

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After a brief pause for the US Independence Day holiday, we’re back with more features. This week we are pleased to introduce support for the Observer Persona, which allows you to have view-only team members.

When a user is assigned the Observer persona by an admin, they are no longer able to affect any changes to an inspection. They can’t create, move, edit, or otherwise alter any requests, nor can they participate in chat. However, observers still retain full access to the inspection view, allowing them to monitor progress in real time, view request details, retrieve documents, read chat, and filter the board.

Observer Persona

With support for inspection observers, it’s now possible to add team members who need to see the state of the inspection, but shouldn’t be allowed to change it. This is especially useful these days when most of us are still working from home. For those in an office environment, observer support allows you to arrange for the Ready Room inspection board to be displayed in a private “huddle room” without risk of data being altered.

To make someone an observer, an admin simply changes their persona in the inspection member screen. It is not possible for ordinary team members to change their persona to Observer from the main board. Nor is it possible for observers to change their persona away from Observer.

On a different note, this release also provides support for adding an audit entry whenever an inspector downloads a document.

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